Promega Non Radioactive Assay

Lab Reagents

Human IgG antibody Laboratories manufactures the promega non radioactive assay reagents distributed by Genprice. The Promega Non Radioactive Assay reagent is RUO (Research Use Only) to test human serum or cell culture lab samples. To purchase these products, for the MSDS, Data Sheet, protocol, storage conditions/temperature or for the concentration, please contact Promega. Other Promega products are available in stock. Specificity: Promega Category: Non Group: Radioactive Assay

Radioactive Assay information

ART 1000: non-filtered: non-sterile

PIP2374 PK2800
EUR 337.44

ART 1000: non-filtered: non-sterile

PIP2376 PK2800
EUR 300.96

96-Well Assay Plates, Non-Treated, Clear, Round Bottom 1 Plate/Pack, 100/Unit

25-224 100 plates
EUR 358.8

Suitable for cell culture but only for suspension cells

  • Optically clear with low autofluorescence for distortion free microscopy
  • Low evaporation lid reduces evaporation and prevents contamination
  • Exterior stacking ring on lid for added stability when stacking
  • Certified RNase & DNase-Free, Non-Pyrogenic & Non-Cytotoxic
  • Sterilized by Gamma Irradiation to a Sterility Assurance Level of 10^-10


30007 1KIT
EUR 283.2
Description: Minimum order quantity: 1 unit of 1KIT

ART 10 REACH: non-filtered: non-sterile

PIP2558 PK4800
EUR 509.58

ART 10 REACH: non-filtered: non-sterile

PIP2576 PK4800
EUR 453.72

ART 200 REACH: non-filtered: non-sterile

PIP2648 PK3840
EUR 630.42

ART 200 REACH: non-filtered: non-sterile

PIP2650 PK3840
EUR 611.04

ART 1000 REACH: non-filtered: non-sterile

PIP2652 PK3072
EUR 426.36

ART 1000 REACH: non-filtered: non-sterile

PIP2654 PK3072
EUR 369.36

ART 1250 REACH: non-filtered: non-sterile

PIP2656 PK3072
EUR 433.2

ART 1250 REACH: non-filtered: non-sterile

PIP2658 PK3072
EUR 421.8

ART 200GEL: round: non-filtered: non-sterile

PIP2664 PK800
EUR 197.22

ART 200G XL: non-filtered: non-sterile

PIP2678 PK3072
EUR 311.22

ART 1000G XL: non-filtered: non-sterile

PIP2680 PK3200
EUR 254.22

Endothelial Tube Formation Assay (In Vitro Angiogenesis Assay)

CBA-200 50 assays
EUR 672
Description: For angiogenesis to occur, endothelial cells must escape their stable location and break through the basement membrane. Cells migrate toward an angiogenic stimulus that may be released from nearby tumor cells. These cells proliferate to form new blood vessels. Our Endothelial Tube Formation Assay (In Vitro Angiogenesis) provides an easy, robust system to assess angiogenesis in vitro. The ECM gel matrix very closely resembles an in vivo environment.

Histamine Assay Kit

AKR-360 96 assays
EUR 622.8
Description: Histamine is naturally occurring in food, with high concentrations associated with spoiled and fermented foods. Exposure to high levels of histamine through the ingestion of food can cause symptoms similar to an allergic response. Our Histamine Assay Kit detects total histamine from food samples using a colorimetric probe. Reduction of the probe yields color development proportional the histamine levels in the sample. Absorbance at 450nm is read after a one hour incubation at 37C and histamine levels are calculated based on a histamine standard curve.